Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tweetdeck tool for managing Twitter

Twitter tools will help you grow your business and make your life that much easier!  Here is an overview of  Tweet Deck, a tool that can help you save time and organize your tweets.

You can find and download the program at Tweetdeck.com

Tweetdeck is great tool for managing all your tweets. It’s actually the one that I prefer to work with because it offers so many solutions in one spot. However, you do need to install it on your computer to get it working. That’s the hard part.

Once it is installed, you will find it in your programs, here is an example of what it looks  like on my computer.

 Everything else is a breeze to work with. One you open the program, you will be directed to the dashboard, that you can customize it to show which columns you want to see.

 Here are some functionalities that are really interesting to work with.

-Scheduled tweets: schedule tweets in advance and the leave your house and run some errands! You won’t need to have all 30 Retweet windows open and tick them off one by one every 5 minutes.

Schedule how-to: To schedule a tweet using tweetdeck, click on the feather pen icon at the top left of the program, copy and paste the retweet or write a new one, click on the schedule tweet button and choose time and date. Easy!

Tweet button

Tweet screen

Tweet Schedule

- Interaction: see who is retweeting you, faving your tweets
- Messages: see who sent you direct messages
- Followers: see new followers and follow then back
- Mentions: see tweets that mention you username, and reply to them

Hope this mini overview will help you out in your tweeting!

xox Krys


  1. Thanks so much for the clear & concise tutorial, Krys!

  2. I've always wondered how these work. Thanks Krys.

  3. I tried it last month but couldn't understand it. Your infor will make it so much easier to try again. Is there a limit to how many tweets you can send without having to pay extra?

  4. Thanks Krys.. Great blog and I, like Marianne, always wondered how it worked.

  5. Unique Cozy Treasures - Very helpful. Thanks.

  6. Very helpful tips, thank you for sharing:)