Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Growing Your Twitter Following!

Many people have asked me over and over how I got my Twitter following so high. I recently hit 37,000 followers and it keeps growing. My secret? 1 website and working it at least 1 time per day!

I use the site justunfollow.com it's a very user friendly site that can help you grow your followers and at the same time get rid of non-followers. They offer a FREE service which will limit you to following 50 new people and removing 50 non-followers every 24 hours. This was ok for me at first but to truly grow I needed more. So here is what they offered me:

I chose the Premium for $4.99 a year. I started with 3500 followers and it has only been 8 months and I am at 37k! So basically after you grow for 1 year ($5 investment) you can go back to the free version just to monitor if you want. I personally wont be happy til I hit 100k!! :-)

Now once you login via twitter you will get this screen:

I always start with my FANS, these are people who followed you but you do not follow yet. Make sure you follow them, becuase chance are they are using a site like this and will drop you fast if you don't return the favor! Just click the blue FOLLOW buttons all the way down!

Now it is off to WHO UNFOLLOWED YOU! these are the meanies! they followed you to gain your follow and than dropped you like a hot potato! Remember you have a limited # of people you can follow and there is no room for these guys!! Click the red buttons all the way down and make room for newbies! Justunfollow separates these people by day so you can see when it happened!

Now the Fun Begins!!!!

The next place I go is COPY FOLLOWERS! here you can input a twitter name and copy their followers. So you are gonna ask "WHO DO I COPY??" What I did was search tags I use in my tweets #jewelry #vintage etc. and I looked at people until I found someone who had 5k or 10k followers! I plugged their name in and started copying. I figure if they are gaining followers and talking about items like mine hey they might follow me! And they DID!!  Once you enter a twitter name a list of recommended people to follow will appear and you can click away on the follow button! These are people that justunfollow via some magical formula would be most likely to follow you back.

And as you see in the first image, the site keeps track of people you recently copied followers so you can go back and copy more later!! :-)

IMPORTANT: Even though when you pay the $4.99 you get unlimited follows/unfollows Twitter will stop you at 1000 follows per day! Also DO NOT do this all in one sitting. follow roughly 100 new people every 2 hours or so. Otherwise Twitter Police will shut the account down and cause you a headache and a half (i know they did it to me!!)  So shoot for following 300-500 per day and unfollow roughly the same. do it throughout the day while working your other social networks.

Now the NON FOLLOWERS! If you are just starting off leave this alone for 5 days at least. Since you just followed these people they will all show up as non-followers at first. When you click on non-followers it will give you the OLDEST (meaning the people you followed first) so you can clear out those you followed a few days ago. If you come across someone you want to follow like a celebrity or business and you DONT want to unfollow them CLICK WHITELIST this will keep them safe and you won't accidentally unfollow them.

So once you are ready you can simply go through and unfollow 100 people in a couple clicks and leave the rest in case they decide to follow you in the next few days. The NON FOLLOWERS I personally work every 3 days or so, this allows people time to follow me back.

This is the key to growing Twitter followers, you follow a ton of people and hope they return the favor! that's it. And those who don't return the favor get dropped and you start again.

Now you might ask is it worth the $5 and time? My answer is YES! Since growing my twitter following my views nearly doubled. I have tweets set up on dynamic tweets and I tweet regularly and it gets people in my shop. So for one day when I joined I sacrificed my Starbucks coffee and joined justunfollow.com and LOVE IT!

Now those who have small followings remember twitter has limits on how many people you can follow until you start growing

here are twitters FOLLOW LIMITS: https://support.twitter.com/articles/15364#
this will explain how many you can follow
  • Following (daily): The technical follow limit is 1,000 per day. Please note that this is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following behavior. Details about following limits and prohibited behavior are on the Follow Limits and Best Practices page. 
  • Following (account-based): Once an account is following 2,000 other users, additional follow attempts are limited by account-specific ratios. The Follow Limits and Best Practices page has more information. 

Bill Guest


  1. Thanks so much for sharing ... UR indeed a Twitter Followers Guru!!!

  2. thanks bill! I was using this site but haven't maintained it!

  3. Thanks Bill, I use that service, but didn't know a lot of things you posted here.

  4. Thanks for the info. I just started it so I will use your tips to follow up. More followers equals more sales! The $4.99 would be money well spent.

  5. One day I will get this! Been waiting to try it.

  6. Holy Moley... 37000 followers?! I think I looked at that site once but I'm going to go back to it now that I've read your tips. Very helpful information. Thanks!

  7. Wow... A lot to take in here. I have always been wary of using a site such as this, but now I will look into it at depth. Sue (SunnyCrystals)

  8. very valuable info , twitter is something I haven't utilized much but probably should !

  9. Awesome info, Bill. I use TweetAdder, which is very similar, but pricing is a little different...$50 for a one-time fee, but you get more features, like scheduling your tweets for the day, plus some other bells and whistles.

    Just be wary, though...I've known people who've grown their lists to staggering heights, only to get shut down by Twitter for so much spamming, which is what we all do, let's face it. I'm surprised you say that Twitter allows 1,000 followers per day, as I thought it was more like 100. You might want to check with Ana Hoffmann at Traffic. Generation Café. She has a nightmare story of getting shut down, and she had to start all over again. Since your following is so high, you might want to get her opinion on these tips.

    Overall, this is an awesome post! Thank you!

    1. yes at the end of the article i included rules from Twitters website with links that's where I got the 1000 from ;-) and i also got stopped at 1000 on my own when I didn't know better

  10. Wow this is pretty cool! i had no idea.. Thanks so much for sharing

  11. This had been on my list to get done - thanks for all of the great info!

  12. These are some great tips!Thankyou:)

  13. Great idea. I didn't realize it was so affordable.

  14. Very interesting information, Bill. Thank you for the insight! I second Mary Ann's note of caution. Twitter is pretty vigilant at blocking spam.

    There's a lot to Twitter other than spam, actually - it's great to see new products (like your fantastic vintage finds!) pop up into the feed, as well as see what people are talking about. Especially when artists are talking about their process. :) Fun stuff!

  15. Thanks Bill! Fabulous information.

  16. excellent info as usual! I have just unfollow free version, and will now upgrade!

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