Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Gain Twitter Followers


The following tips will help you gain more followers on your twitter accounts, and to maintain those followers.  Dan Zarella did a scientific study on over 40 million tweets and retweets and came up with some amazing data about Twitter.  I am going to share lots of tips and tricks to help you gain active followers.

1st -  I want to point out that your profile should be completed.  Have a profile picture, a short bio, a link to your shop etc.  Otherwise people will be less likely to follow you back because you don't seem "real" or established.  So if you haven't work on your twitter account, get a nice background up, and profile picture etc.
2nd - You can only follow so many people on twitter.  This is based upon a ratio of the number of people following you.  So the more followers you have the more people you can follow.  With this in mind consider using a program such as  or  These programs will automatically unfollow people who never follow you back. 
3rd - Consider setting up an account with hootsuite, or tweetdeck.  Both of these programs help you track multiple social networking sites (facebook, twitter etc.) and allow you to schedule tweets in advance.  You can see anyone that mentions you in a tweet or RT's your tweets. It is great to help you organize and prepare to kick your account up a notch.
People aren't going to follow you if you aren't active, if you don't help RT, if you don't provide solid content etc.  So here are some tips on how to tweet, what to tweet, even WHEN to tweet.
1.  Try to balance your content with shared content.  I have read multiple times now that when you tweet something promotional you should then try to share 5-10 tweets about something else before tweeting something promotional again. 
2.  Peek tweeting hours - 9am - 5pm (use hootsuite or tweetdeck to schedule tweets during those hours even if you aren't home!)  4pm is the HIGHEST PEAK time.  And there is a huge event every single Friday called Follow Friday so you will get the most bang out of tweet on a Friday around 4pm. 
3.  Interact with others, don't just post your posts or do RT's.  Some twitter experts claim to have 75% of their tweets as @replies.  Meaning @promofrenzy, a direct reply to something within your twitter feeds.  This way your followers feel you are listening and you are engaging them directly.  (this can be hard if you have a ton of followers or limited time but you do the best you can)


It is really important you try to target your target market.  You can do this by searching by specific categories, local businesses, or even searching for etsy, artfire shops, small businesses etc.
1.  First step is to connect with friends.  You can look up gmail, yahoo and aol accounts and even link your twitter to Linkedin, Pinterest, or facebook accounts . So start with friends you already have and see if they are on twitter and connect. 
2.   Here are some programs that can help you find local consumers:
3.  Follow people in your industry, niche and topic area.  For example, being in the jewelry business maybe I can find beading magazines to follow  You can use:
4.  Follow from Users' Twitter lists and "following" links.  Search twitter for a person or organization.  Then click on their profile page, and click on the link labeled, "following".  You can then follow their followers.
You can also look through twitter lists on specific topics.  (follow individual users from their profile page, not just the entire list.  Otherwise you only see what the person managing the list is doing and won't get a lot of follow backs)
5.  Participate in #FollowFriday.  You promote other people worth following by recommending followers.  Just select someone you follow, write a short explanation of why, and tag it with #FollowFriday or #FF
Your tweet could look something like this, "@galla15 You may like these Etsy shops, @sewinggranny @promofrenzy (List as many as you can in your 144 characters) then put #followFriday at the end.
6.  Consider starting your own twitter list.  We had a promofrenzy list at one point actually!  :( 
7.  Participate in Twitter chats.  Use these programs to find active chats on topics in your market.
8.  Answer questions and offer advice.  To find hashtags that are of interest in your area use  Once you know the hot topic you can ask questions or try to answer questions that seem HOT.
In my research I found out some keywords that will help you get more RT's.
1.  Newer, shorter services, such as,, and, were much likelier to get retweeted than older, longer services, such as TinyURL. Ouch.
2.  Keywords to use: 
The # 10 is very popular (top 10 lists)
Asking people, Please Retweet helps.
Using the word Twitter helps believe it or not! 
Social media
Blog or new blog post
How to
3.  Use Punctuations.  85% of RT's have some form of punctuations in them!

Don't get overwhelmed by all the resources and information provided in here.  If you have been on twitter for awhile these programs/resources are for you.  If you are just starting out, start with the basics.
Get your account, profile, pics set up.
Find your friends from other social networks and link up your multiple accounts to start.;
Start following others, and RT for others, replying to others to get your followers active and others interested in linking up with you.

Have fun interacting and finding your target market through twitter.


  1. Fantastic article ... I'm inspired to get to work!

  2. Wow - lots of info here. Tiny steps I guess. Thank you!

  3. This is great information! Saves me a lot of research. Thank you very, VERY much!

  4. Very informative post, and thanks so much for the tips. Every little helps. Have shared with my followers on Twitter. :) x

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  8. Don't faint but I'm actually doing some of these things. LOL Working on hitting 1000 followers by the end of the month. I've seen a boost in views. Yay!

    1. WOW!! My head hurts from hitting the ground ;) hihihi
      It is nice to hear it is working for you!

  9. fascinating... and by those standards on our listing days, we would have to send out 125 non-promo tweets to balance out the team posts of 25??? Geesh!

    1. ROFL Open your mind a little, imagine all the people RTing and seeing your items too! Plus we use MULTIPLE venues not just one. If you tweet a handful of the items out of the list it isn't that bad. Don't forget you are using a multiple network approach. And this is just good advice for you and your personal tweets, not just team activities.

    2. I also wanted to remind everyone of the option of Hootsuite or Tweetdeck (free).... to set up tweets. You can set up over the weekend tweets for the entire week. So that things are being tweeted in between our list days no matter what. Makes it super easy to maintain and keep up.

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  13. Amazing tips and info! Will try to work these into my routine.

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