Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Winner is: Linda B of LindaB Jewelry Designs

Congratulations to the Winner of our Mother's Day Challenge ...

I'm one of the original  Promotional Frenzy team members, before Etsy made changes to the threads and chats, at least over a year ago. Not only am I addicted to chatting with team members, I've been able to learn a great deal about my business and share knowledge that I have in certain areas. 

It's so exciting to win the votes for the Promotional Frenzy team Mother’s Day challenge. I’m grateful to everyone who voted for my necklace. I used Facebook, Twitter, G+, and my blog to ask for votes and it worked! And, I learned how to do a lot of social media from the Promo Frenzy team. 
I’m thankful for the leaders and members of the Promotional Frenzy team for helping me to stretch my creativity, challenging me to create new designs, and for their support and promotion. It’s a terrific Etsy team to be on; one where can share your ups and downs (we have a prayer thread), and I’m addicted to checking in and chatting with these terrific people.
I’ve been designing beaded and gemstone jewelry since around 2003 and my designs have changed substantially from attaching a pendant and a few beads to a cord to wire wrapped swirls and squiggles on and around gemstone pendants. A co-worker (and a client) suggested Etsy to me.  I opened my Etsy shop in Feb 2008, but didn’t do anything with it until April 2008. I met several other helpful people online: Tim Adam of Handmadeology and CrochetGal of the EtsyTwitter Team, who also give guidance to Etsy shop owners. I have an Artfire shop www.lindab142.artfire.com and my own (neglected) website www.LinorStore.com
10 things I’d like you to know:
  1. My niche area is Jewish jewelry and wire beaded kippot (headcoverings) for Jewish women. It is such a joy to create a piece for someone’s bar or bat mitzvah or wedding, a lifecycle event.

 Copper Wire Kippah   

  1. I got my ears pierced in 2004 so I could wear my earring designs. Before that, it was easier for me to poke myself in the eyes to put in contact lenses than put on an earring post. Also, I prefer fishhook earwires.
  2. I am mostly self-taught, but I did take a few classes in beadweaving (not for me), wire wrapping  (love it), and 1 session in making wire beaded kippot, and that’s what I truly love. I’m very excited to go down a new path using these techniques, by adding prom and bridal party jewelry to my shops. Also, I am creating different shapes for kippah designs – ovals, and squares and using different colors of Swarovski crystals, pearls or seed beads. Some of my designs are adapted from beading magazines and suppliers.  I’ve also purchased a few design tutorials.
  3. My design elements involve movement and flow.  These are reflected in the 2 pieces that I entered into the Mother’s Day challenge:
a.       Blue Sodalite Wire Wrapped Necklace has the flow of trees grounded (wrapped) to the earth. I have a vision of customizing these necklaces for moms, daughters, and grandmas with a generational tree using the birthstone colors of each family member.  

b.     Yellow Blister Pearl and Jade Necklace - I love the color and the different sizes and shapes of the gemstones. 

Antique Pink Swarovski Crsytal Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings Set - check out the movement added to the pendant part, a dangling pearl, and the earrings are really about movement.

  1. I have a tremor that sometimes makes it difficult to add the final crimp beads to finish a piece of jewelry. Plus, my kitty assistants seem to always jump on the table to help me complete the design. In February 2012, I started having pain in my hands and thought it was carpal tunnel, but it is tennis elbow. Unfortunately, I have to give up my marathon jewelry and kippot designing weekends and pace myself.  And, I have to be online less and rest my arms and hands. 

  1. I’ve written a few guides on social media: blogs, FaceBook and press releases and publicity. That reminds me, they need to be updated.  I like to write, too. 
  2. I have a Web Design Certificate that I earned by going back to school full time when I was unemployed in 2001. I took 5 courses in 1 semester and attended school 5 days a week, using Fri. to catch up on all my assignments (using a MAC). 
  3. My husband is very supportive of my bead and Etsy addictions. We met at the local movie theater where we worked. I was a candy girl; he was an usher.  I moved up to selling tickets in the box office, and he became a floating assistant manager at different movie theaters owned by the same chain. Our theater had a balcony, architectural column on the sides, and a ceiling filled with working twinkling stars. He proposed to me in the balcony during the movie “Cactus Flower.” 
  4. When I’m not beading, I’m reading or watching TV. A few of my favorite authors are James Patterson, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick, Steve Martini, and Nicholas Sparks. TV shows I watch: House, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Gray’s Anatomy and Hard Core Pawn. 
  5. Tip: Join Etsy teams and Facebook groups to connect with like-minded people. You’ll be rewarded by giving and receiving information and making friends that you may get to meet in person while traveling. I've met several Etsy vendors at local craft shows before. 


  1. Congratulations Linda ... wonderful article that I enjoyed very much!

  2. Beautiful post for a wonderful artist. Thank you for sharing Linda and congrats!

  3. Congrats on your much deserved win, Linda! I loved reading more about you and wish you much success in everything you do! *Ü*

  4. Congratulations Linda! Your jewelry is beautiful!!

  5. Congrats Linda!! So proud of you.
    p.s. do what your therapist tells you. heheheheh

  6. Congratulations Linda for winning the Challenge, you have a lovely Store...:) ..so excited for your win and its awesome to learn more about you thru this post :) Cheers !!!

  7. Congrats on the win Linda! Your lewelry is stunning! The yellow piece above reminds me so much of a yellow flowered tree in New Zelaand called the Kowhai. The native birds love it when in flower!

    Thanks for letting us know a bit more about you!

  8. Thanks for all the congrats! I'm excited to be the winner of this challenge. I learned it from all of you.

  9. Congrats on winning the challenge, Linda - your creations are beautiful! And yes the Frenzy team is a wonderful team with lots of help and support.

  10. Congratulations on winning the Challenge Linda, that is wonderful news and am so happy for you. Great interview :)

  11. Congrats Linda on winning the Mother's Day challenge.
    I loved reading about you and your tips, and am amazed at all that you do
    keep up the fantastic work

  12. It was lovely to read more about you Linda- congrats on the feature, keep making amazing stuff -of course, pacing yourself;)

  13. Way to go Linda!!! :-) great shop and great article!

  14. Congratulations and wonderful to read about you and about your inspirations. Your wire wrapping is just gorgeous.

  15. Congratulations Linda! What a great post, enjoyed the read....

  16. Congrats Linda! I've learned so much about you :) Those are beautiful pieces too!

  17. uniquecozytreasures- Great feature! Congratulations Linda!

  18. Yay Linda! This is wonderful news and congrats on your win. It was also fun to read about your history both with beading and with your husband. Thank you so much for sharing and again, congrats on your win. Julie and Blu

  19. This was a lovely write up Linda. Thank you for the very nice words about the Promo Frenzy Team. We are glad to have you on the team and appreciate all your contribution.

    And of course love your shop.

  20. Well Done. Congratulations to all winners :)

  21. Linda, your jewelry is amazing, but besides that, I love that I got to find out the back story of your life.
    It gives me a whole new dimension on you and your jewelry making.

    Congratulations on your fabulous WIN!!!

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