Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother’s Day Challenge – Vote for your Favorite

Please vote for your favorite. Voting will end on Mother's Day May 13th, Midnight Eastern Time. We will give a blog feature to the winner.  The blog feature will be posted May 18th, contingent upon the winner responding with the information necessary.

To vote, click on the radio button in the left sidebar.

Mother’s Day Card Skeleton Key Dragonfly Brooch
mom_cardNZ skeletonkey dragonfly
Pickling Spice Crochet Beach Rock Pink Cocktail Sugar
pickling_spice stone_lace pink_cocktail
Cupcake Toppers Photo Pinback Buttons Mom’s Day Garden Parker
cupcake toppers photo_pinback Parker polymer
Cotton Market Bag Flower Wood Button Necklace Wine Stopper
cottonmarketbag Flower Wood necklace wine_stopper_pink
Wire Crochet Post Earrings Vintage Seashell Earrings Tote Bag
wire_crochet_heart vintage_sea_shell tote_bag
Neon Lime Green Necklace Sparkly Rose Quartz Earrings Red Beaded Bracelet
neon_lime sparkly_rose_qtz red_beaded
Ivory Pearls Bracelet Terra Cotta Necklace Violet Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
brac_ivory_pearls terra_cotta violet_sw
Blue Sodalite Wire Wrapped Necklace Custom Body Fragrance Blue Orchid Giclee Print
blue_tree_SS4 custom_body blue_orchid
Lavender Fairy Card Vintage Gold Brooch Mother’s Day Banner
lavender_fairy vintage_brooch mom_banner
Lilac Gloves - Handknitted Candle Holder – Dichronic Glass Onesie Stickers
handknitted_gloves dich_glass_tea onesie_stickers
Custom Monogram Necklace Yellow Blister Pearl Necklace Infinity Scarf
custom_monogram_neck yel_pearl2 infinity_scarf
Yellow Purple Turquoise Necklace Dichronic Glass Bracelet Teacup Giclee Print
bright_yellow_purple dich_glass_br teacup_giclee
Tangerine Coaster Mother and Child Fabric Flower Brooch
tangerine_coaster mother_child fabric_flower
Flower Hair Clip - Lavender Crochet Bowl Turquoise Mixed Metal Earrings
lavender_flower crochet_bowl turq_mixed
Pink Scissors Chatelaine Red Lampwork Bracelet Pink and Pearl Bracelet
pink_scissors red_lampwork pink_pearl_brac


  1. Everyone is so talented. I'm proud to be a member of this team.

  2. Gorgeous finds!! PFT so talented!!

  3. Wow, this looks so nice.. now to pick my favorite from this talented group of artists!

  4. What a fabulous collection of items, and the post looks just beautiful!!!

  5. Gosh... So many Beautiful choices. I think I am going to take my time deciding which to vote for

  6. Amazing talent here!

    It is very hard deciding on just one!

  7. It's so hard to decide for what item to vote for since everything here is fabulous.

  8. Wow so many beautiful items! I too don't know which to choose? hmmm

  9. Wow, so many lovely items! It's hard to choose just one.

  10. Too hard to choose!! PFT is too talented!

  11. I will have to think on it....great selection!

  12. Love entries, teammies! Voted and will see you at the next challenge!

  13. So many awesome entries!
    My vote is for Biji's
    Bright Yellow Purple Turquoise With Soft Clay Flower Necklace On Silver Chain/ Mothers day Gift Necklace

  14. Love them all ! How do you pick just one !! :)

  15. My vote is for the wooden button necklace.

  16. These are so awesome. Love so many of them!

  17. Wow, there are just so many wonderful things to choose from here, it's very hard to decide which one to vote for! *Ü*

  18. My vote go's to all you galls but # 1 is the Infinity Scarf

  19. uniquecozytreasures- So many beautiful items!

  20. PLEASE Make sure you vote on the Left side bar where the voting options are.

  21. Oh man, this was tough! I finally picked one though :)

  22. Beautiful Items...Promofrenzy is a team of VERY TALENTED ARTISTS..

  23. There are so many talented artisans on this team!

  24. such a great variety of items! Great gifts for moms!

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