Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deciphering Shop Stats

Deciphering your shop stats can be a chore. When you see all the link names the first thing you think is WHAT SITE IS THAT? Hopefully I can help you figure out some of the common ones  so you can figure out what social networks are working best for you!!

I am going to break down my Shop Stats for the Month of January 2103 (PaganCellarJewelry) and explain the top 20 sites I got views from . This should cover a majority of sites you will come across and give you more of an understanding of Shop Stats and where they come from. As a side note I had 20 sales for the month.

  1. etsy.com 4,471 - searched via Etsy.com
  2. Direct Traffic 4,008 - direct link to your shop or item
  3. rebelmouse.com 457 - linked from Rebelmouse which runs off of TWITTER
  4. google.com 240 - google searches that link to your shop
  5. longurl.org 125 TWITTER - shorten url from RT's or tweets set up on generator
  6. t.co 102  TWITTER - shorten url from RT's or tweets set up on generator
  7. stumbleupon.com 56 - people who STUMBLE onto your items 
  8. wanelo.com 45 - people who actually click your item in WANELO
  9. Google Product Listing Ads 44 - Ads paid for by Etsy that bring people to your shop
  10. yandex.ru 43 - search engine from Greece
  11. pinterest.com 39 - People who actually clicked your Pin to view your item
  12. thefind.com 39 - a shopping website (i never signed up?)
  13. mail.yahoo.com 18 - if you are in a yahoogroup this will show up when you share a link
  14. bing.com 12 - searches from Bing.com
  15. facebook.com 8 - links from your facebook page or any shares (not very popular ;-( )
  16. google.co.uk 8 - UK version of google search
  17. twikle.com 8 - a Beta program like Rebelmouse
  18. google.co.in 7 - Google india
  19. twitter.com 7 - This is clicks from your TWEETS not from the generators or RT's
  20. Etsy Mini 6 - If you have set up an Etsy Mini on your blog or website this will show up    

So some pointers, first of all stats change weekly this is just a month overview so check your stats daily, weekly and monthly to see where your focus needs to be.  Secondly, always be open to new social networks and allow them 60-90 days before you judge them based on stats.

When you combine the Twitter sites you can truly see the importance of being ReTweeted. Had I not been ReTweeted I only would have had 7 views from Twitter. (i had 679 views thanks to RTs)

Google only works if you are following Etsy Guidlines to make sure you show up in searches. The more you follow the higher this number will grow!

Numbers like stumble with 56 and pinterest with 39 may seem like small numbers at first, but you need to realize that had you not gotten these visitors they would have never known about your store and you may have had less sales. Think in terms of a Brick and Mortar shop. They pay thousands of dollars to increase customer flow. The price they pay can be anywhere from $2-20 per new customer who walks in their doors. You are paying $0 to get these new customers that can turn into your best clients!

If you ever get a unkown link in your stats, just copy and paste it into your browser, you might a new place and be able to use it to your advantage. I am going to research thefind.com and this article since I never signed up for it maybe I can start getting more people to visit me from it! Happy Sales!


  1. Great info, Bill ... very helpful. Thanks for taking time to write this article!

  2. Thanks, Bill. I never thought of checking Monthly stats. I do daily but monthly would give a different perspective.

  3. Thanks for the info! What hashtags do you use when you tweet?

  4. Thanks Bill for great info. Awesome # of stats and wish you more and more sales.

  5. Thanks so much Bill. So many of those were a mystery to me!

  6. Great information. *** ONE IMPORTANT NOTE *** Some of the websites in shop stats have been known to carry viruses. I would always GOOGLE the name of a site you have never heard of and research the site before actually going to the website itself. If you just click on a link you may be at risk for a computer virus.

  7. Wow... I often wondered what those sites were and how they got in my stats. Thanks Bil.

  8. Great info - I never knew long and t came from twitter... you learn something new everyday about promoting

  9. Way cool, Bill. I'm off to check out my stats now!

  10. Thank you so much i was always wondering that

  11. Thanks so much Bill! Great info - I am going to go check my stats!

  12. Thanks for the info Bill!
    I've had shops on my list that all lead to adult rated sites and I have no idea how that lead them to my shop....so yeah, as Janet said, check sites via google before you go to them!

  13. This is a great list of resources. When seeking sponsors for my blog, they are definitely interested in seeing monthly stats. My biggest sources of traffic have been pinterest, facebook and craftgawker.

  14. @ariella - I use tags that pertain to my items ie #jewelry #bridal #wedding #ring and I use #boebot sometimes. I also use teams when I can like ours #promofrenzy.

    I change it up for each item I tweet about. I also check trending hashtags to see if any apply like #vlaentinesday for my rings!!

  15. Great information Bill, thanks for writing this up for our team!

  16. Unique Cozy Treasures - thanks for this very informative article identifying where searches are coming from. I usually have gotten most of my sales from Tweets. But I tweet everyday or evening and sometimes inbetween. and, did you know that you can even sell your Twitter account? If you go to socialsellouts.com put in your Twitter account and they will tell you how much your account is worth on the Twitter account market. I was pleasantly surprised at what mine is worth.

  17. Great article, Bill! And I confess, I've been a tad bit obsessed with my Stats for a long time—ever since they first started posting them for our shops! LOL

  18. Thank you so much for this great informative post. Stats are my obsession! I appreciate the breakdown.

  19. Bill, thank you for taking the time to explain what can be a conundrum to many!

  20. Billy, thanks so much for the post. I didn't know about all the different Twitter sources. I've had the find on mine, but don't remember. And, I have wemagazineforwomen (yay!) for the last 30 days.

  21. Great information! I always wondered what those Twitter ones were. Off to check my monthly stats now.

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