Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Turning Your Holiday Shopper into a Repeat Customer

Given that this is the holiday season, you will likely have many first time visitors to your online (Etsy) shop Your goal as shop owner, especially if you are offering discounts during the holiday season, should be more than just making a pre-holiday sale. Your ultimate goal should be to impress these new customers so strongly, that they turn into loyal fans and repeat customers. If you make a positive impression on your buyer, they will have no choice but to come back and seek out your shop the next time they have a gifting need There are a number of very important factors that will play a role in impressing your buyer

Quality of your work

This should be a given. If someone is purchasing from you especially if they are purchasing handmade, they expect to get a high quality item, one that you have put your heart and soul into. They likely spent alot more in your handmade shop compared to a local or online chain selling factory made and important items. Confirm their belief that handmade is better When you create this custom work of handmade art for your customer, make sure that you give it your utmost attention. Treat each sale as if it was your one and only sale for the year, and put in more than 100% effort into quality and craftsmanship


When a customer purchases from your handmade or related shop, they want to feel that you as the shop owner that you are there for them to help them with their order and any additional questions they may have. I am not suggesting that you check your email 100 times a day. But be sure to check at least once a day and answer any customer questions tin a friendly and professional manner.

Timely delivery

Customers like to know when they will receive their item. Be sure that on your website, you cleary state how long it will take for them to get their item. And be sure to ship their order in a timely manner. Even better, attempt to ship the customers item even FASTER than anticipated For example if you state two to three days shipping average, try to ship the next day if possible. Obviously you may be overwhelmed with holiday orders, which is why you have that time limit set in the first place. But try to over-deliver to make your customers extra happy.


Remember your customers are purchasing from your handmade shop because they are looking for something unique. Don’t just take the item they purchased, stuff it into a box and ship it off. Make this item look professional and gift-like with an added personal touch. If you have to wrap the order, don’t use old newspapers. Go ahead and purchase some professional tissue paper. And lets not forget the impact of a handwritten note. Never send the item alone. You can pick up a set of holiday stationary, small enough to fit in with the gift item, and add a few handwritten words. “Dear customer, thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy...” and then sign your name. I like to add a little smiley face. This is just an idea. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate but you want to show your personal touch.

Customer service

If there are any complaints or there are any questions regarding the item, be sure that you try to address this in the best manner possible. Worst case scenario, if an item breaks, perhaps you will have to eat the cost of this one thing if this means that you will ultimately satisfy your customer and impress them so much that they will return to your website. (of course be on the lookout for scammers, do ask for proof of the broken item or perhaps offer to pay the return shipping) Remember holiday season is THE season of shopping. Once the holidays are over many online shops face the post-holiday slump. However, if you ensure that you impress every holiday shopper in every possible aspect, they will have no choice but to think of your shop for future gifting needs. They will even tell their friends thus bringing you qualified referrals. This will ultimately lead to a healthy sales for your shop in the coming seasons.

This post was brought to you by MagicByLeah
Leah is a sculptor of fantasy creatures and sock monkey trinkets, you can view them in her Etsy shop HERE


  1. Great article, Leah ... you make so many excellent points!

  2. Great article and advice, Leah! I try hard to do all of these things and really think it makes a big difference in how my customers feel about the quality of my work and how much they enjoy shopping from my store! *Ü*

  3. Thanks for this post. Wonderful to know more about keeping customers happy and repeating sales.

  4. Great ideas! Some other tips: I always convo customers after receiving and order personally thanking them for their business and letting them know when I expect to mail it out.

    Include a coupon code in the order for a 2nd order, to help them come back again.

    Possibly include a SMALL freebie/extra in the package so that they will remember you.

  5. Thanks so much for the reminders! It's so important to make our customers happy. Repeat customers are definitely my favorite, because it means they really appreciate my work.

  6. Keeping customers happy is vital. Thanks for the reminders. ♥

  7. Good ideas. I always include a thank you, though its not a personal note. Hummm might have to rethink that one.

  8. great input i needed that time for me to think of a creative way

  9. Such good reminders during the busy holiday season! Thanks Leah for taking the time to write this!

  10. Great tips! Thank you for a nice post!

  11. Unique Cozy Treasures (Deb)--- Thank you for the very informative and timely information. I usually try to send additional little thank you type item along with the original purchase, as well as, a thank you letter and coupon discount certificate for their next purchase...

  12. A few months ago I wrote an article on customer service on my blog, titled "What's your purple goldfish?" http://ow.ly/aqILM Click on the link to read mine!

  13. Thanks for the post leah! Very important points you've raised.

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